Features and capabilities

HomezzePro offers top-tier features and tools designed to streamline your business operations. Here's a glimpse of what to expect:


Quotes & estimation

Our "create quote" feature is an exceptionally user-friendly and effective way to construct estimates for potential clients on HomezzePro. The intuitive estimating interface enables you to input:

  • Demographic information
  • Estimate start date
  • Cost estimation expiration date
  • Build project phase(s)
  • Upload terms & conditions

This feature is directly linked to our advanced business solution available to our subscribing customers.

Quotes & Estimation


Client management

Every tool and feature has been meticulously designed to simplify your client management process. They include:

  • Add new clients
  • Update existing client demographics
  • Add/View contract documents
  • Create notes

Our robust client management tool empowers you to manage your clientele swiftly and efficiently.

Client Management


Matching leads

Our unique project matching system allows you to receive projects that align with your business profile, submitted by clients via their Homezze portal. HomezzePro fosters your growth through our strategic marketing initiatives that attract relevant project leads. The matching projects system provides:

  • Project description
  • Service distance
  • Project images
  • One click bidding
  • Pre bidding
  • Bidding list
  • Recurring projects
Matching Leads


Pre bids

The pre-bid feature serves to foster direct communication between you and prospective clients. This enables you to gather comprehensive details about the projects you've been invited to bid on.

Consequently, you're able to place a more confident bid based on a clear and thorough assessment of the project.

Pre Bid


Live bid management

The live bid interface gives you a single view of information and details necessary to manage your ongoing efforts to bid and win a contract with prospective clients. This view provides you with the following information:

  • Highest bid
  • Lowest bid
  • Your bid
  • Bidding interface
Live Bid Management


Active project management

The active bid interface facilitates the management of contracts originating from clients and those submitted to clients. Active project contracts offer a consolidated view with comprehensive tools and features to manage all phases and tasks linked to the contract. These features include:

  • Live project status
  • Bid cost
  • View details
  • Send message to clients
  • Create new appointment
  • Update project progress
Active Project Management


Messaging capabilities

Experience the advantages of our in-app capabilities with multiple access points for secure communication with clients via the HomezzePro application. Expect tools such as:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Integrated zoom conferencing
  • Secure in app chat
Messaging Capabilities


Create appointments

In addition to the messaging capabilities you enjoy, we offer a user-friendly appointment setting interface, allowing you to schedule face-to-face appointments with clients via web conferencing or in-person meetings. This is particularly vital in the early stages of project discovery, estimation, and bidding.

Create Appointment



HomezzePro ensures effortless invoicing as an integral component of your workflow management and billing process. With this feature, you can smoothly execute the following tasks:

  • Deposit requests
  • Milestone driven invoicing
  • Change order invoicing



Integrated payment is a central benefit of the HomezzePro workflow. Our business subscription offers a seamless payment solution for your business operations, from digital invoicing to accepting various forms of payment. You can complete your transactions with clients through multiple accepted payment methods. Our payment solution incorporates:

  • Digital invoicing
  • Secure payment
  • Payment reports
  • Integrated accounting



We provide actionable reports to optimize performance and identify opportunities in the market. Our comprehensive reports add considerable value to your business operations. You can expect the following:

  • Performance report
  • Sub contractor report
  • Revenue report
  • Payment history
  • Mileage data reporting


Resolution management

Given the imperfect nature of human interactions, issues requiring resolution are inevitable. Homezze takes issues arising on the platform very seriously. For projects submitted by clients via the Homezze workflow, HomezzePro offers a resolution center feature to protect both the service professional business and the Homezze clients. The resolution center operates strictly based on the statement of work or contract submitted by the service professional business and agreed upon by the client.

Resolution Management



The e-signature feature enables the Service professional to conclude an open project, allowing you to gather crucial feedback from your clients. The e-signature includes:

  • Feedback comments
  • Review
  • Improvement suggestion
  • Final signature


Digital receptionist

Understanding that you're primarily out in the field serving your clients, Homezze provides a digital receptionist for service professional businesses subscribed to Homezze business plus. A dedicated receptionist is assigned to your business to assist in coordinating inbound inquiries on your behalf.

Digital Receptionist


Customer support

Our proactive team is dedicated to supporting your needs and delivering world-class customer service. We believe that listening is the first step in addressing any concerns or issues. Our team of engagement managers and customer support specialists are always ready to assist you.

Customer Support