Best Roofer salary: A Comprehensive guide

One segment of the American construction industry that has evolved significantly over time is the roofing business. Numerous specialists, from those who meticulously place shingles to those who examine the quality of installations, give the industry its vitality and energy. Over 158,800 new jobs will be generated in this industry by 2021, with a median income of $47,110, according to the BLS. According to the BLS (2023).

Learning about the wage gaps between roofers and roof inspectors is not just interesting. Those considering about making a career switch into this field can gain valuable insight into potential wages and advancement chances from this article. Companies and businesses can use this data to ensure they are offering competitive salaries to attract and retain top talent in the field. Furthermore, these wage insights give industry analysts and stakeholders a sense of the health, trends, and future trajectory of the construction and roofing market.

While this book does a good job of outlining the various income possibilities for a roofer, it is written mostly for an American audience. Due to the size of the united states and the vast economic differences between its many areas, we will provide state-by-state data to provide a more nuanced picture of the ways in which income differs across the country. Aspired roofers, business owners, and curious readers alike will all find something of value in this book.


Factors Affecting Roofer salary

  • Experience: A roofer's income is highly dependent on their level of experience, as is the case with many other occupations. A roofer with less than a year of experience may expect to make about $16.22 per hour on average. On the other hand, a roofer with only one to four years of experience may expect to make around $17.71 an hour. Expert roofers can make as much as $29.99 an hour, and this rises as their level of skill does (PayScale, 2023).
  • Location: A roofer's wage is heavily influenced by where they work. In general, salaries are greater in states or cities that have a higher cost of living or a thriving building business.
  • Specialization: Certified or highly specialised roofers may be able to earn higher rates of pay. Roofers that specialise in "green" or "sustainable" roofing, for instance, may command a higher rate than their more generic counterparts.

National Average Roofer salary

The average hourly wage for a roofer in the united states is $19.66 as of 2023. From $30,000 to $63,000 a year is possible, depending on factors such as hours worked, bonuses, and other compensations. It's important to remember that some highly skilled roofers can earn substantially more than the average of these values (PayScale, 2023).

Breakdown by State

The roofing business, like many others, experiences salary differences depending on location. The salary of a roofer might vary from one state to another depending on a number of factors, including the cost of living, the demand for roofing services, and the local economic climate. Here is a look of how much a roofer makes on average in each U.S. state:

States with the Highest Salaries

With a median income of $63,533, New Jersey is one of the best-paying states for roofers. The increasing cost of living and robust construction industry in the state are to blame.

States with the Lowest Salaries

The lowest average pay may be found in Texas, at $27,791. This may seem low in contrast to other states, but it's important to remember that Florida's large population and low cost of living mean that the roofing industry there is booming.

Breakdown by State

Roofers' pay may vary depending on location for a number of reasons:

  • Demand for Services: Demand for roofing services could increase in states with frequent hurricanes or severe snowfall, resulting to higher wages.
  • Cost of Living: salary increases in high-cost states like New Jersey and California are commonplace to offset the cost of living.
  • Economic Conditions: The construction industry, and by extension roofer salaries, can be affected by the state's general economic health. Roofing jobs and incomes could increase in states with a strong economy.

Roof Inspector salary: Digging Deeper

Inspectors of roofs are experts whose main job is to evaluate structures' integrity and check for compliance with regulations. Roof inspectors are responsible for checking the quality of roofing work and identifying any potential issues that may arise, as opposed to roofers whose main concentration is on the installation and maintenance of roofs. Their work typically entails inspecting roofing components, looking for damage or wear, and writing comprehensive reports on the roof's state. These reports can be invaluable for homeowners who are selling their homes, filing insurance claims, or making sure a newly installed roof is up to code.

Factors Affecting the salary of Roof Inspectors

  • Certifications: Pay rates tend to be higher for roof inspectors who hold credentials from widely known organisations. Their skills and experience in the sector are backed up by these certifications.
  • Experience: The income of a roof inspector, like that of a roofer, is heavily dependent on the inspector's level of experience. Inspectors who have proven themselves to be thorough and accurate in the past are worth more to employers.
  • Geographical Location: A roof inspector's income may vary depending on where they work. It's possible that roof inspectors in areas with a higher cost of living or a thriving real estate market can earn more money.
  • Demand: Roof inspectors may command greater salaries in areas prone to adverse weather due to increased demand.

Roofing Sales salary: A Lucrative Path?

Salespeople in the roofing industry act as the link between businesses and customers. Their major responsibility is to market roofing services, identify customer wants and needs, and ultimately close business. These experts need not only a solid grasp of roofing solutions but also strong verbal and negotiating abilities. Their pay is typically based on commission, which increases as their sales increase.

Average Roofing Sales salary and its Comparison with Roofer and Roof Inspector Salaries

Indeed reports that the average salary for a roofing sales representative in Downers Grove, IL is between $75,000 and $110,000 per year. The average annual salary for a sales representative at Best Choice Roofing is roughly $77,295, which is much higher than the national average for this position. If you have an aptitude for closing business, a career in roofing sales can be quite lucrative. This is especially true when contrasted to the earnings of roofers and roof inspectors.

Factors Influencing Salaries in the Roofing industry

  • Experience and Expertise: A salesperson's remuneration is heavily dependent on their level of expertise, just as it is for roofers and roof inspectors. Those who have already established themselves as successful salespeople might expect larger commissions and bonuses in the future.
  • Geographical Location: One factor that can affect a salesperson's income is the region in which they work. Since roofing services are in high demand, commissions may be higher in areas where the real estate and construction industries are thriving.
  • Demand and Supply in the Local Market: The salary range for roofing salespeople might vary depending on the supply and demand for roofing services in a given area.
  • Specializations and Certifications: Salespeople who have expertise in a narrow range of roofing solutions or who have received specialised sales training may have an advantage in the marketplace, resulting in more closed deals and greater commissions.

future trends: What to Expect

Roofing is just another sector that has felt the effects of technological progress. The demand for roofing services is expected to change as more people adopt eco-friendly options and as new technology like drones are used for roof inspections. The pay of roofers may increase for those who are knowledgeable in green roofing solutions and how to use modern technology for roof inspections. Salespeople need to keep up with these developments so they can provide their customers the most cutting-edge solutions.


Opportunities abound in the roofing industry for people who are interested in working in one of its many fields, from roofer to sales expert. While it's true that salaries might fluctuate depending on a number of circumstances, it's also obvious that keeping up with industry trends, learning new skills, and being aware of regional expectations are all essential to making the most of one's salary. Those who are willing to put in the effort to advance in their chosen field, whether it roofer, roof inspector, or sales professional, have a bright future ahead of them.

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