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The united states is home to a sizable and productive landscaping industry that improves the look and health of both urban and suburban areas. More than a million americans will have work thanks to the company's predicted $105 billion in revenue in 2023. (IBISWorld, 2023). Landscapers are essential to the growth of this sector as they are the major decision-makers in shaping the appearance of our outdoor spaces. The landscaping industry, both employers and potential employees, would benefit from a more transparent salary range for landscapers.

A landscaper's compensation might vary widely depending on their experience, the length of their profession, and the areas in which they specialise. This report's goal is to provide a comprehensive examination of landscaping wages in the united states by breaking down the data by region, comparing it to wages in similar fields, and projecting its future trends.

This report's information can aid organisations in compensation discussions, which in turn helps with recruitment and retention. Those considering a career in landscaping or those seeking promotion in their current professions could benefit from being aware of the compensation range for their position.

The landscape of landscaping salaries

A landscaper, often known as a groundskeeper, is a specialist in the care and preservation of landscaping. They do more than just mow lawns and trim hedges; they design and construct elaborate landscapes for residential and commercial properties as well as public spaces (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022).

A landscaper's salary might fluctuate substantially depending on a variety of factors. The setting is really important. It stands to reason that landscapers in areas with a higher cost of living, such as california and new york, should be compensated more generously than their colleagues elsewhere. Landscaping jobs can fetch $35k in california and 32k in texas. Average salaries for landscapers vary from $30,000 in florida, to $36,000 in new york, to $34,000 in Illinois (bureau of labor statistics, 2022).


One of the most important factors in determining a landscaper's wage is their level of experience. Those who have worked in the profession longer typically get higher salaries than newcomers. Landscaper pay can be affected by the landscaper's level of specialisation. For example, a landscape designer or architect can make far more than a standard landscaper because of the higher level of education and experience they are expected to have.

Breakdown of landscaper salary by state

Salaries for landscapers fluctuate depending on factors including the local demand for their services and the cost of living. Because of the vastness of the country, landscaper pay varies greatly from state to state and even within individual states.

Table: average landscaper salary by state

Top-paying states for landscapers

Landscapers in locations like california and new york, where the cost of living is considerable, may demand more remuneration. This is done to assist those living in high-cost areas. The significant demand for landscaping services in New York's numerous major cities allows the state to pay its landscapers more than the national average. data from salary website PayScale (2023).

States below the national average

However, in some regions, wages are far below the national median. It's probable that the demand for landscaping services is lower in such states because of the reduced cost of living there. Landscapers can make sure they're getting a fair wage by investigating regional norms.

Landscape designer salary

When it comes to making outside spaces more inviting and useful, a landscape designer is indispensable. A landscape designer, as opposed to a landscaper, is an expert in the art and science of arranging land materials in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to the environment. Planning, plant selection, and making sure everything fits in with the client's vision and the limits of the location are common jobs for landscape architects (payscale, 2023).

What does a landscape designer do?

A landscape architect is someone who plans and designs landscapes, or outdoor areas. What they do consists of:

  • Working together with customers to figure out what they want and need.
  • Making visual representations of the plan (blueprints, sketches, etc.).
  • Choosing the right plants, supplies, and embellishments.
  • Verifying sure all state and federal environmental laws are followed in the design.
  • Monitoring the design's execution and adjusting if needed (Payscale, 2023).

salary comparison: general landscaper vs. landscape designer

While both basic landscapers and landscape designers work with outside settings, the latter have more discretion over aesthetic details and can charge much more for their services.

According to recent data:

1. In the united states, a general landscaper may expect to make between $32,000 and $36,000 annually. 2. A landscape designer's compensation, on the other hand, averages $54,385, with a range of $42,000 to $70,000 possible depending on experience and area (Payscale, 2023).

The need for landscape designers to have specific knowledge and abilities explains the pay gap. They are paid more than the average landscaper because of their unique skill set that includes the ability to imagine, create, and execute complex landscape schemes.

National average of landscaper salary

Landscaping is an important part of the home renovation market because of the aesthetic and practical benefits it brings to homeowners' houses. Knowing the national average income for landscapers can tell you a lot about the state of the business and how it stacks up against others.

National average salary for landscapers

The typical annual wage for a landscaper in the united states is $34,570, or about $14.62 per hour. Experience, geographic location, and work responsibilities are just a few of the variables that might affect these numbers in the landscaping industry. For example, entry-level landscapers may expect a mean annual salary of $26,281, while those with more experience can anticipate a mean annual salary of $35,299. (Jobber, 2023).

Comparison with other professions in the home improvement industry

The average national income of landscapers can be better understood when compared to the salaries of workers in related industries:

  • Carpenters: carpenters make an average annual pay of $61,242 and are responsible for the construction and repair of building frameworks.
  • Electricians: electricians make a median annual pay of $60,040 by ensuring the security and functionality of electrical systems in homes and businesses.
  • Plumbers: plumbers have an average annual pay of $58,500, or $28.13 per hour, and are responsible for assuring the proper operation of water and waste systems.

Table: average landscaper salary by state

To get a better picture of the home improvement market, it can be helpful to compare landscaper pay to that of related fields.

Factors influencing landscaper salaries

Salaries in the landscaping business are, like those in many industries, all over the map. Factors such as employer type, region, and level of experience all play a role in explaining these differences. Here, we'll examine the most important factors that can make or break a landscaper's income.

1. Experience: The worth of a landscaper naturally rises as they gain experience in the industry. A landscaper's starting wage is roughly $35,898 per year, although that number might rise as the worker gains experience (McNulty, K., 2023).
2. Education and certifications: A degree in landscape architecture or horticulture is not required but can increase salary potential. A landscaper's compensation might be increased by an additional 10-20% with the help of industry-recognized certifications (McNulty, K., 2023).
3. Geographical factors: salary levels in states like california, where living expenses are high, are above average. A landscaper's salary might vary widely depending on factors like location (McNulty, K., 2023).
4. Company size and type: The pay for landscapers working on commercial properties is typically higher than that of residential properties. Income can also be affected by factors such as the company's size and the complexity of assigned tasks.

future trends in landscaping salaries

Several factors are likely to affect the future growth or decline of landscaping pay as the landscaping business develops. Here are some forecasts for the next 5-10 years based on current facts and expert advice from the industry:

The expansion of eco-friendly landscaping: sustainable landscaping techniques are predicted to rise to prominence in light of the current environmental consciousness. eco-friendly landscaping practises include using drought-resistant plants and organic fertilisers. Due to the increasing need for environmentally friendly landscaping procedures, experts in this field may be able to earn greater wages (IBISWorld, 2023).

The utilisation of sophisticated design tools, automatic irrigation systems, and drone-assisted site surveys are just a few examples of how technological advancements in landscaping are influencing wage structures. Skilled landscapers who adopt and master these technologies may experience a rise in pay as a result of increased demand for their unique brand of efficiency and creativity (IBISWorld, 2023).


Salaries in the landscaping sector range from those of general landscapers to those of highly trained landscape designers, depending on variables such as years of experience, level of education, geographic area, and kind of employer. Professionals in this field should anticipate volatile compensation trends as the industry expands thanks to forces like technology innovation and environmental practises. Professionals who want to make the most of their earnings in this field should focus on keeping up with industry standards, getting the necessary qualifications, and being flexible in the face of rapid technological advancements.

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