Home renovation

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“Home improvement is an estimated $400-$650 billion dollar market. Between 2020 and 2027, the global home improvement market will have a CAGR of over 4%, which will result in a market value of $3 trillion by 2027.”

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Client create project and submit 1
Service professionals reviews projects 2
Service professionals creates SOW/bid 3
Client reviews bids 4
Client accepts a bid 5
Client escrow payments 6
Project kick-off 7
Project management tracker 8
Service professional submits work for approval 9
Client reviews work & release escrowed funds 10
Service professional receives escrowed payment 11
Final review and client feedback 12

Home renovation

The property remodeling industry has reaped significant benefits from robust overall economic growth over the years. Despite the impacts of COVID-19, demand for remodeling services has persistently trended upward.

This is largely due to residential homes now serving dual purposes, as they are utilized both for living and working. This transition to working from home has catalyzed a shift in the industry, further bolstering the need for remodeling services. (IBIS World)

Home Renovations

The process of home renovation involves various aspects such as planning, design, and execution, which require a skilled and experienced team to ensure quality delivery.


HomezzePro is a web and mobile application that allows service professionals to manage their business operations as an end to end solution. We also refer to it as the HomezzePro workflow.

Homezze is a web and mobile application that connects homeowners with Service Professionals already enrolled on HomezzePro. Homezze is the homeowner platform designed to allow homeowners to post projects and receive bids from service professionals in their local area. We also refer to it as the Homezze workflow.

Payments are kept in an escrow like account for projects created by the homeowners and would only be released to Service Professional with client review and approval after the completion of such project.

HomezzePro provides you a simple yet effective way to manage changes needed while the project is already in flight. This includes addendum to project scope and cost.

Our payment integration gives you a safe and secure payment solution. You will be able to send invoices and receive secure payments anytime anywhere from your clients.

Service professionals may indicate on their statement of work or quotes if the effort will be divided into phases as well as if after each completion of each phase, corresponding funds are to be released by the client from the stripe account.
Note: Phase release can be associated with the Homezze workflow. However, projects created through the HomezzePro workflow are not mandated to have an escrow associated with the payment requests. Service professionals will be able to send manual invoices to their clients for phased and non phased payments.