Conflict resolution management interface

Resolution management is a critical aspect of any business engagement. This is why we deliver a solution that allows for easy and direct communication between the service professional and the client. We recognize that complaints and disputes may originate from either party, this is why we provide a simple incident reporting interface.

Conflict resolution

How does it works?

Select project to dispute

Select reason for dispute

Add clarifying details

Attach relevant images

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Our approach for conflict resolution

Homezze's approach to conflict resolution is focused on the terms found in the statement of work stipulated in the contract submitted by the service professional and approved by the clients.

Open channel of communication

Our conflict management model is built around the idea that all parties involved should feel heard and understood. By creating a safe space for civil discourse, we increase the likelihood that the parties will come to some sort of agreement or compromise.

This preventative method helps keep the company connection strong and prevents interruptions.

Connect With clients
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