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Homezze Pro is a web and mobile application that allows Service professionals to manage their business operations as an end to end solution. We also refer to it as the Homezze Pro workflow.
Homezze is a web and mobile application that connects homeowners with Service Professionals already enrolled on Homezze Pro. Homezze is the homeowner platform designed to allow homeowners to post projects and receive bids from Service Professionals in their local area. We also refer to it as the Homezze workflow.
No, Homezze Pro is merely a platform that provides the tools and workflow necessary for both the client and service professional to agree on a project, escrow payment and track work progress until satisfactory completion.
Service Professional Business are solely responsible for the initiation and completion of all projects created through Homezze Pro Quote.
Note: Escrow only applies to projects created by the clients through the Homezze “Post a project” feature, not those created by the Service Professional.
Payments are kept in an escrow like account for projects created by the homeowners and would only be released to Service Professional with client review and approval after the completion of such project.
If a service professional does not complete a project created by the client and cancels the project, Homezze will refund payment in escrow back to the client. This applies to projects that were created through the Homezze workflow
However, projects created through Homezze Pro workflow are not legistalated through the platform, Service professional is responsible for any refunds due back to the client.
No, Homezze Pro is a tool used by independent Service Professional businesses to submit quotes to their clients, bid on projects submitted by clients and manage each contract.
Individual reviews come from former clients. Reviews are submitted after the project is completed and closed.
Yes, both client and service professional may cancel a project originated through the Homezze workflow, however the Percentage of work completed will be credited to the Service Professional and the remaining balance will be refunded to the client.
Projects originated by the Service Professional leveraging Homezze Pro workflow are completely managed by the Service Professional businesses.
You can send us an email, we will respond to emails generally within 12hrs. We will acknowledge your concern, review the issue and respond to your email. Remember, we take communication very seriously!
Yes, a client or service professional may dispute a project that originated through the homezze workflow. Both parties may submit a dispute on the Resolution Center found on your dashboard.
However, projects submitted through the Homezze Pro workflow are not regulated by the platform admin. Each business and their clients will address any dispute independent of the Homezze Pro platform.
Yes, service professionals will be able to change their bid prior to an accepted bid by the client(s) if the project originated through the Homezze workflow.
Projects created by the Service Professional through the Homezze Pro workflow does not require bidding since it was created by the Service Professional through Quotes submitted to their clients.
Yes, a service professional might begin work and discover that the scope of the project is significantly more than the initial estimation and the bid agreement. In such situations service professionals will indicate changes to their clients and submit an addendum to the project, which the client may accept or decline.
Homezze Pro provides you a simple yet effective way to manage changes needed while the project is already in flight. This includes addendum to project scope and cost.
An escrow protects the fee associated with the service rendered by the service professional. Homezze escrow is provided to you through our Stripe integration where your funds are held in secured, non-interest bearing accounts until the transaction is completed. This ensures that your transaction is protected against chargebacks, fraud or wrongly described services. Homezze is founded on the principles of protecting the clients and Service professionals to ensure a safe and secure transaction of services and payment.
Note: Escrow payment only applies to projects submitted through the Homezze workflow by homeowners.
Our in App messaging interface allows you a level of security that protects the integrity of the bilateral exchange that you will have between client and service professional
Our payment integration gives you a safe and secure payment solution. You will be able to send invoices and receive secure payments anytime anywhere from your clients.
Projects created through the Homezze workflow require both client and Service Professional to create a Stripe account as part of our capability to ensure the strongest payment transaction possible. Stripe would allow you to use several forms of payment to transfer payment associated with each project.
With projects created through the Homezze workflow, clients can opt to purchase their own material or elect for the service professional to acquire the needed material. Clients will be able to elect during posting of their project to indicate their preference. Service professionals will also be able to make certain that their bids are labor only or include material.
However, for projects created by the Service Professional through the Homezze Pro workflow, Service professionals will be able to submit quotes for labor only or labor and material.
Statement of work or work order is a signature feature that is unique to the Homezze Pro and Homezze workflows . SOW allows Service Professionals to clearly outline phases and tasks associated with the project. Service Professionals will complete an SOW and submit their bids or quotes to the client in that format. The contract between Client and Service Professionals will be sorely based on items indicated on the statement of work.
If the scope of work needs to change, Service professionals will communicate the changes to their client and create an addendum phase to the statement of work. Service professionals will submit any new Phase/ Task to the client. Clients must review and approve any changes recommended by the service professional before any work may begin relative to the new changes. Clients may also decline the recommended changes.
Service professionals will submit completed work to clients for review and approval. Upon approval, funds are immediately released to the service professional account. (Note Homezze workflow is not the same as Homezze Pro).
Service professionals may indicate on their statement of work or quotes if the effort will be divided into phases as well as if after each completion of each phase, corresponding funds are to be released by the client from the stripe account.
Note: Phase release can be associated with the Homezze workflow. However, projects created through the Homezze Pro workflow are not mandated to have an escrow associated with the payment requests. Service professionals will be able to send manual invoices to their clients for phased and non phased payments.
Homezze Pro, enables you to manage all invoicing and payment requests. As such, Service Professionals will submit completed work to clients for review and approval. Upon approval, Service Professionals will be able to process electronic payments from their clients.
Homezze Pro workflow is the end to end solution that allows you to manage your business independently. You can onboard your own client, create new quotes, messaging, change order management, milestone tracking, send invoices, payment processing, reports and many more. (Service professional submits a quote to clients).
Homezze workflow allows you to receive new project notification on your dashboard, place bids on projects, message clients, benefit from the security of escrowed payment by clients, change order management, milestone tracking, review and approval requests and secure payment release. (Homeowners create a project for bidding).
Each statement of work is tied to a Phase(s) and Task(s). Each Phase is an aggregate to the total sum of the project value. Homezze Pro platform requires service professionals to update completed Task(s) and Phase(s) which drives completion metrics that both Service professional and client can see on their dashboard. This feature is true for Homezze Pro and Homezze workflows.
For Homezze workflows, Clients are required to make payment into an escrow account before project kick-off. Once the service professional has completed a phase or the entire agreed upon project, Clients are required to review and approve payment. Upon approval, payment is released from escrow directly to the service professional account.
However, for Homezze Pro workflows, Service professionals may request deposits, send invoices and take payment at their discretion and according to their independent working agreement with their clients.
The Basic and Premium subscriptions are available only in areas where we have launched the “Customer to Business” services. This involves our ability to notifying Service Professionals that a homeowner has created a project they can place a bid.
By enrolling in either the “Business” or “Business Plus” subscriptions, you are automatically qualified to begin receiving project notifications from clients in your local area of service when the “Customer to Business” service is available to you. There are no further actions required on your part.
Yes, Homezze Pro Business and Business Plus workflow allows you to assign a subcontractor role to a Statement of work. You may assign such to a phase of or multiples phases of work
Yes, Homezze Pro allows you to assign a manager as an access role to your dashboard
Yes, Homezze Pro Business Plus subscription allows you to assign multiple admin roles to your dashboard.
Your Engagement Manager is assigned to provide any support you might need for each of your active projects. The scope of assistance they provide ranges from onboarding, answering your questions to expediting your technical requests and ensuring quality client relationships.
Yes, Homezze allows you to leverage our workflow through web applications and mobile apps you can
download on the ios and android app stores. Homezze is available to you in the following platforms:
-Web application
-Mobile responsive web app
-Mobile app
Yes, Homezze provides 1 on 1 training after signup. You may request a demo by sending us an email through the “Demo Request” feature on your dashboard.
We take privacy seriously. Refer to our comprehensive privacy policy.
Distance Calculator, allows Homezze Pro to track distance from service professional business location to project site in addition to frequency. This is data collected and provided to service professionals on their dashboard.
Advance notification provides faster and prioritized project notification to service professionals that have upgraded to our Premium, Business, Business Plus subscription.